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Frequent Questions

Q: 1 What will BNI do for my business?  

BNI will help you get business and establish a wider range of contacts and customers - it's like having your own dedicated salesforce working for you wherever they are.

Remember that membership of BNI 'locks out' your competitors, only one representative of each profession can be represented. 
Q: 2 Is BNI membership value for money?  

Membership of BNI can be compared very favourably with advertising in newspapers or journals. A typical small ad can cost from £200 to £2000.

BNI membership uses word of mouth recommendation - nothing is more powerful.

Talk to the BNI members in this chapter and ask them why they keep signing up. 
Q: 3 What else will membership of BNI do for me?  

There are several advantages to becoming a member.
You will learn how to put across what you do in a clear and concise message.

You will have the opportunity to gain from the experience of other BNI members.

You will have access to the professional skills of these members in an 'ad hoc' fashion.

You will build your business.